How To Increase keyword density and improve your blog & website SEO

It’s important to increase keyword density of your post.The important factor apart of having best SEO wordpress theme and the best wordpress seo plugin, that will bring your blog ranks high in Search engine result page (we can say, to make your post appear in the first page of Google) is your keyword density.
I said, it is important because keywords of your post is like a clue for Google bot, what your post is all about.
So basically, keyword density is the percentage of repeating words or phrases in your post compared with the other text in the same page or post.

Having a relevant phrases in your post will result you being in the first or second page of Google.
Very neat, especially if you are targetting some posts for your coming customers.
If yours is too low, you can increase keyword density by adding some phrases that are relevant with your post’s content.

Things to remember before you increase keyword density of your article.

1. Do not increase keyword density too much keywords or over stuffing phrases, because it is considered as spams.
What does too much keywords means? it means that try to avoid not to repeat specific phrases too frequent in your blog.
2. The ideal of keyword density is about 2 until 4%. So if you have below or above this percentage, you can then decrease or increase keyword density.
increase keyword density
3. Hyperlinking between one article to another one with anchor text works together with the replacement of your keywords phrases.
Those three points are significant before we increase keyword density of our articles.

To Increase keyword density, do it efficiently.

You probably can increase keyword density of your post manually, but according to my experience, the best way to increase keyword density in wordpress blog, is by using SEOpressor plugin, as the best wordpress SEO plugin.
How i use SEOpressor plugin.
blog seo This plugin can really save your valuable time, by scoring and notifying you inside your dashboard about your keyword density, including to increase keyword density percentage of your post’s SEO.
I have reviewed this plugin in this best wordpress seo plugin post, and i am using it for this blog as well, to decrease or increase keyword density of my blog post.

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