Data transfer at 50mb/sec speed

              Data transfer at 50mb/sec speed

                                                    by:Navprabhat Singh


Have you ever notice that whenever you transfer your data.It's transfer rate will be approximately 15mb/sec.It takes a lot of time to transfer a movie or some large data.Now i m gonna show you how to transfer a data with a speed of 50mb/sec.

Steps to transfer a data at high speed....

1.You need to download a software named teracopy .Link is given below to download it.

Specifications of Teracopy....

  • Copy files faster. TeraCopy uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times. Asynchronous copy speeds up file transfer between two physical hard drives.                                                                                                                                     
  • Pause and resume file transfers. Pause copy process at any time to free up system resources and continue with a single click.
  • Error recovery. In case of copy error, TeraCopy will try several times and in the worse case just skip the file, not terminating the entire transfer.
  • Interactive file list. TeraCopy shows failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and recopy only problem files.
  • Shell integration. TeraCopy can completely replace Explorer copy and move functions, allowing you work with files as usual.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Windows 7 x64 support.

2.Now extract it to your computer.It contain some files ,avoid it and click on teracopy option.

how to tranfer a data at high speed

3.Now install the given program on our pc.Pictures are given below to install the software.






4.After installing the software u will see the icon on the desktop.

5.Now it's all over.copy any file and transfer it it will transfer at higher speed.


If you don't like this software then there is a another software called Fastcopy .It will also transfer the data at higher speed but have less features as compare to teracopy.

Hope u like it....
                        thank you....(for u)