Facebook hacking in 5 mins

                   Facebook hacking in 5 steps

                                                                                                          by:Navprabhat Singh


In my previous post i told you about the Facebook hacking through a phishing page.
Now i m going to tell u how to hack a Facebook account in a very easy way...

steps to hack a account....

1.Now open the Facebook page and enter your victim's email,and any password.

2.Try for three or more times then a new tab will open.

3.Now enter the captcha. and  press enter.

4.Now u will see the tab given in the picture.


5.Click on this is me button.then a new window will pop up.


6.Now click on Reset My Password.and u will see the new page given in picture.

7.Unmark all the option then Click on "no longer have access to these".

8.Now enter any email id which haven't access on any social network.I prefer u to make a new gmail id. It hardly take 5-10 mins.

9.Now a new page will open which will ask a security question. 

10.If u know the answer then it's good,cause if your answer is correct then your 
      victim Facebook  account is hacked but u will access it after 24 hours.

11.Now u have to enter the new password .that will be accessed after 24 hours.

                   this is a one method to hack any Facebook account.


If your victim try to login in his account before 24 hours then the whole process is failed.not only this  your victim also get a email which contains your ip address.so be careful while doing this....


hope u like it ... in my next post i'll show u how to crack windows 7 admin password....
                                                thank you.....