Hide data behind the image - Steganography

   Hide data behind the image -


                                                         by:Navprabhat Singh

I think u work a lot to hide your data from your friend and parents,like your girl friend pictures and more over.U can do it via many ways.I am gonna show u how to hide data behind the image the image this process is called Steganography.

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Steps to hide your data behind image are as follows:

1. Create a folder anywhere in your computer.Now select the Data you want to hide,cut it and paste in your folder.

2.Now select a image in which you want to hide the data.

3.In the given image test1 and test2 is a text file and a nav.jpg is a image file behind which i hide my data.

4.Now select the data and Right click on that,u will see the option "add to archive" ,Click on that.

5.Now u will see a new folder "test" which is a compressed folder ,
remember the extension of a file either it's a rar file or zip file.

6.Open the CMD console by typing "cmd" on the run option.

7.Then go to the directory where u have created the folder,like i have created a folder in C drive named as "test",so i will type the following command....

   now i m in C drive where i have created the folder if u have created in D drive then after typing cd/ type d: and press enter.

8.After that go to your folder by typing the command ....
                                 cd  test

9.Now type the following command to hide your data.
                   "copy /b nav.jpg + test.rar hide.jpg"

10.Here nav is a image and test.rar is a compressed data which i want to hide.

11.U can see the following response that one file is copied.Now open your folder and u can see that there will be a file named hide which contain your data hidden in it. 

12.Now delete rest of the data except hide.

13.It's over guys now "hide" is a file which contain your data hidden in it.whenever some one click on that he will be able to see your image not the data.

14.To view your data right click on that and open it with winrar.


15.So this is a simple process to hide your data behind the image.


hope u like it....
                          thank you(for u)