Install Windows 8 and Windows 7 on Same PC

Install  windows 8 and windows 7 on same pc

                                                                    by:Navprabhat Singh

we all familiar with the upcoming operating system that is windows 8. Is windows 8 better than windows 7?? or am i comfortable with  the new environment these are the question u have to ask to yourself.

In this post i am going to show you how to install windows 8 and windows 7 on same computer without any changes.

1.First, u have to download an ISO image from the URL given below.

2.After downloading the ISO image mount it's image by using daemon tools.

3.Now,go to the drive where u mount that image,right click on that and select Install option.

4.It will ask u to install windows 8 click on that, and wait.

installing windows 8

5.Now, the most important part, when u have done with all the steps given above a window will pop up that will be asking  for typical installation or custom installation. 

6.Click on custom installation  and follow through the given instruction.

7.A time will come when a window box will ask u to load drive, and it will also show your drives like C drive ,D drive e.t.c .Choose the drive where u want to install your windows 8.

8.Remember never choose the same drive where u have your primary operating system that is windows 7.

9.For example i have windows 7 as my primary OS in C drive so i will choose D drive to install windows 8. If u don't do that then u really going to mess up with your computer .

10.Now every thing is done u just have to wait for some time .

11.In between ,computer restart again and again itself so don't worry it's a part of it.

12.After some time a windows 8 is installed in your computer.

13.But there is a problem by default whenever you switch on the computer windows 8 will start running.

14.To deal with this problem you only have to change the priority of OS .

15.To do that switch on the computer and wait for some time untill windows 8 start page will appear.

16.Now go to My computer ,right click on that  select Properties.

17.Now a new window will pop up like a Picture  given below.

how to install dual operating system

18.Choose advance system settings and then Settings .

install windows 8 with windows 7

19.After that choose windows 7 and restart your computer .

20.Now u can see that whenever your computer is switched on,  it will ask you about which OS you want to Use .

windows 8 installation

21.Select anyone and enjoy Dual operating system on your computer.

windows 8

Enjoy Cracking....
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