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Windows 8 shortcut keys

                  Windows 8 shortcut keys  

                                                                      by:navprabhat Singh

Windows 8 shortcut keys

I think ,now you all have windows 8 operating system in your computer. but the problem is that it's shortcut keys is quite different from the other operating system.So here are some windows 8 shortcut keys.

Windows 8 has some new sets of keyboard shortcuts which I 

am going to share here in this blog post. I hope, you will like

it. So, continue reading..........

Windows 8 shortcut keys:-

Windows 8 shortcut keys

keyboard             description

Windows key Switches between Windows 8 Start Screen and Desktop
Win + D Brings back the Windows 8 desktop
Win + C Brings up the Charms menu at the right side
Win + I Brings up the Windows 8 Settings panel where you can change volume, wireless networks, shut down or adjust the brightness
Win + XBrings up the Tools memu
Win + Z Brings the AppBar of the currently running Windows 8 application
Win + H Brings the Windows 8 Share panel
Win + Q Brings the Windows 8 Application search panel at the right side
Win + W Brings up the Windows 8 Settings search screen
Win + F Brings up the Windows 8 File search screen
Win + K Brings up the Devices panel from where you can connect to a projector or some other device
Win + PBrings up the second screen to connect a projector directly
Win + ,  (comma) Aero Peek at the desktop
Win + Tab Brings the Windows 8 application switcher menu to switch between applications
Win + .  (period) Attaches the current Windows 8 application to one side of the screen
Win + Shift + . (period) Attaches the current Windows 8 application to other side of the screen
Win + Print ScreenCaptures screenshot as a File in the Pictures Library
Win + Page Up / Down

Moves the current app to the other monitor
Windows 8 shortcut keys

these are some shortcut keys given above now i share some

images also,save it in your computer.

Windows 8 shortcut keys

share it for awareness........

Windows 8 shortcut keys

hope u like it......
                                    for u....

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