CloudStack is a open source cloud computing software for creating,managing and developing intrastructure cloud amd service.It uses existing hypervisors such as KVM,VSphere, and XenServer/XSP for virtualization.

 In addition to its own API , CloudStack also supports ,ie, Amazon Web Services(AWS).API CloudStack enables users to build, manage and deploy compute environments in public /private datacenters regardless of hypervisor;KVM , XenServer,Xen Cloud Platform, VMware , and Oracle VM. 


  •    Dynamic Workload Management
  •    Virtual router & Network
  •    Hypervisor Independence
  •    Delegated Administration
  •    Built-in High-availability for host and VMs
  •    AJAX web GUI for management
  •    AWS API compatibility
  •    Hypervisior agnostic
  •    Snapshot management
  •    Usage metering
  •    Network management (VLAN's, security groups)
  •    Virtual routers, firewalls, load balancers
  •    Multi-role support 

You can also download the source code via the Apache CloudStack git repository.

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