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Gramiksha ek udaan sapnoo ki....

Gramiksha is an NGO, formed by students. We aim to educate people in villages and promote education among the poverty-ridden and ignorant sector in India. We also provide them with books and conduct workshops to make education entertaining. Our work is to create interest among students for education. We donate books, install medical facilities, make the school’s environment hygienic and also organize activities and workshops.

It is a recently formed organization and our team is composed of students and graduates from schools and   universities. We don’t promise to make the entire India literate and change the circle of education, but we do promise to make a difference in Indian literacy rate and hopefully, it will do wonders for us.
                                 Its an “Initiative”, we finally decided to take !!!!

                                                            Join us

Only few of us will bother to look beyond what we see on their faces..But we as a team work for these little heads. We care for to take out a day or two out for them from our daily lives weekly and try to give them a share of happiness and values that they deserve from all of us.

”Gramiksha” our organization which works to uplift their lives by indulging them into extra curricular activities , by making them share their words , by motivating each one of them to stand out of the crowd.. We try to look beyond what they tell us and what we see through so that we can help them with our own solutions.We are not Ministers or Officers we can not make special rules for them, we can not give them shelters, we can not assure them of a job…but we can at least make them capable of achieving something better, we can give them a world of their own where they can dream, share, yell, dance and do what they wish and develop themselves into a better individual with more of moral values. 
Its just we try to look beyond our eyes, do you??

                                        A Hand for a hand can change the world

A video that can show you our effort to bring a happiness in their lives as much as we can, and you can also contribute to gramiksha by taking an initiative....

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Chance to Win Nokia Lumia 1020 and many other Prizes

Guys, now you have a chance to win Nokia Lumia 1020 and many other exciting prizes like Nokia Lumia 625 and many more. There is a challenge open to all newbie who want to enter in a developer world. 

Now, a challenge named as 'Dvlup' is open for all newbie to enhance there skills and  to learn many new thing  in the developer world. 

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After verification you are all set to go.

How to increase Points

The shortcut to increase your points is through quizzes. Take a quiz , Go through the slides and video and answer all the questions correctly. You will get your points simultaneously.

and as per your points you can get many rewards as shown in the site.


there are many more prizes so hurry up .

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How To Hack Mobile Phones With Bluetooth Hacking latest Softwares

1) Super Bluetooth Hack

This software is used for the reading information’s and controlling from remote cell phone via Bluetooth or infra .The Phone list and SMS can be stored in the HTML type. In addition to it that will display information about the battery, Sim card and network’s if you download the software (Super Bluetooth Hack) simply download it and use is quite easy to use or if you want to install directly to your cell phone than follow the procedure below.

Download Super Bluetooth Hack 1.08 to Your Phone

1.Go to on any browers of your phone
2.Enter Quick Download Page which links at the bottom of the page
3.Enter Code: 127249 to begin download

2) blue scanner

The Blue Scanner searches out for the Bluetooth enabled a devices and then try to extract as the much information as possible for a each newly discovered device. Download this software so blue scanner download

3) Blue Bugger

This is simply exploits the Blue Bug (and name of the set of Bluetooth security holes) vulnerability of a Bluetooth enabled devices and then By exploiting these vulnerabilities hacker can access on the calls lists, phone-book and more information of that cell phone. Download Blue Bugger download

4) BTbrowser

This software BT Browser is the J2ME application which can the browse and explore the very good information about the technical specification of surrounding Bluetooth enabled devices and the hacker can browse device information so then all supported profiles, services records of the each device.
For download BTbrowser Download

5) BTCrawler

The BT Crawler is the scanner for a window Mobile Based device and it scans for the other devices in a range and then performs service a query then finally it implement BlueSnarfing.
For download BTCrawler Download


How To Hack Bluetooth Of Mobile Phones And Protect From Hackers

Bluetooth enabled on your cell phone leaves you vulnerable to hackers. They can easily connect and manipulate your phone simply by using a Bluetooth connection.
Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology that uses the 2.4-GHz frequency range for its transmission. Most new cell phones have Bluetooth by default these days for things like wireless headsets, in-car connectivity, syncing with a computer and many other uses
Bluetooth was incorporated on cell phones, the only communication method used by the device was the carrier or network connection. Now that Bluetooth has been associated, it provides a perfect entry point for manipulation. The fact that cell phones carry a lot of private data these days, makes “Bluetooth attacks” even more scary. While simply having Bluetooth as a feature on your cell phone doesn’t make you vulnerable to attacks, walking around with the Bluetooth function enabled and “visible” does.
a hacker can simply download some special software and install it on a laptop or netbook. He can then install a Bluetooth antenna to that computer and put everything in a backpack, briefcase, etc. Now, all he has to do is walk around public places where a lot of people are concentrated, and let the computer running in his bag do all the work while no one has any idea what’s happening
Once the hacker’s software finds and connects to a vulnerable Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, it can do things like download address book information, photos, calendars, SIM card details, make long-distance phone calls using the hacked device, bug phone calls and much more. There’s a myriad of software freely available that’s made specifically to attack cell phones via Bluetooth connections, and every time an update to the technology or certain cell phones becomes available there’s bound to be new hacking software for it.
The possibilities are virtually endless, and these are just a few examples of what can be done utilizing the Bluetooth connection on cell phones. Many think that they’re safe from such attacks because Bluetooth is such a short-range communication method- a hacker would have to be within a few feet to be able to do anything. With special antennae that’s been developed solely for this application, hackers can connect to cell phones that are up to a 1000 feet and more away. The entire process is just to easy for hackers, all they need is some special software, an antenna of some sort and some basic knowledge.
all Bluetooth-enabled cell phones are vulnerable to all attacks. Bluesnarfing and other attacks may work while bluebugging doesn’t on one make and model of cell phone, while only bluebugging and nothing else works on another. That’s why hackers generally setup a variety of hacks, and when they’re out and about performing their attacks on un-suspecting victims, the software will automatically identify the cell phone model and attack it accordingly in any way it knows how.
Best way to avoid such an attack is to simply remember to turn off your Bluetooth when you’re not using it

How Do You Hack A Prepaid Sim Card And Get Unlimited Minutes For Free?

SIM cards are the basis of many modern cellular phones and you can switch them out between phones. If you are looking to hack a pre-paid SIM card in an attempt to get unlimited minutes you'd better have a degree in electrical engineering or know someone who is, otherwise you're wasting your time.

SIM is short for subscriber identification module and is an integrated circuit that stores information on devices such as a cell phone. It can be removed and used on a similar phone but that will not alter any of the information on the module itself. It contains the unique number of the phone, security authentication, and a list of the services the user has access to.

The first SIM cards were developed in 1991 and SIM operating systems come in two main types, native and Java card. Native SIM cards are based on software that is specific to a software vendor. A Java card is based on certain standards, and are part of the Java programming language which is used in any number of computer applications all over the world. The Java card allows the SIM to contain programs that are completely independent of the hardware on which it runs.

If you have intimate knowledge of the Java programming language and have Java SIM card, it is possible to hack it but due to advances in technology, it is doubtful you'll get much of anything for free and if you do, it won't be for long. If you want unlimited cell phone minutes, there are a number of plans from many different providers that offer unlimited minutes for a monthly fee. If you are caught stealing services from a cell phone provider you could also find yourself in some legal trouble, so it's best to play by the rules.   
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