How to know IP Address of Anyone

          How to know IP Address of Anyone 

                                                                        by:Navprabhat Singh

hack ip address through php script

Usually there is a requirement of victims ip address is needed in most of the hacking methods ,even ip address play a vital role in hacking(except hacking softwares,crackers).

You can hack any computer through IP address .There are many techniques to do that.For this we have to know the IP address of our victim.Today i will show you how to know the IP address of anyone.

Steps to do that....

1.You have to download a zip file which i have uploaded on a site.
click here to download that file.

2.After downloading extract it on your desktop or anywhere you want.

how to know ip address of anyone

hack ip through php script

3.It contains two file,as shown in picture,ip.php and ip_log.txt files.

hack ip through php script

4.Now,open your 000webhost account and go to file manager and upload these two files.You can also use any other web hosting services like

 ip script in webhost

hack ip through php script

5.You can change the name of our file so that victim will able to click on that,but the extension of file remains same.

6.Now send the url--yourwebhostaccount/filename  like my url is name).Click on the link to see how it work.

7.Send this link to our victim  whenever he /she try to click on it you will have his/her ip address.and a google page is open on a victim's computer. 

8.Open the file ip_log.txt  as shown in picture,and click on view.

hack ip through php script

9.Now u have a IP Address of our victim.

ip hack by php script

10.Now you can do whatever u want,I will write a post on how to control a computer with ip address after sometime.

hack ip through php script

Backtrack OS
Enjoy hacking....                        
                                       for u

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