How to see the deleted pictures of your crush

    How to see the deleted pictures of your crush
                                                       by:Navprabhat Singh

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Generally we log in to our Facebook account to see our crush,her profile,pictures and many other things like her status etc etc.(I don't know about you but i do.)Suppose your crush deleted all her pictures

Now what should you do?

Read more to find out the method to view the deleted image of your crush.

Steps to see the deleted images on Facebook are as follows:

1.First open the image you want to see,that picture must not be deleted before the process.

2.Suppose i have to see a particular image all the time even if after she has deletes that picture.(Just a example :D).

3.Now right click on that pic and you will see the option copy image URL  click on that.

how to see the deleted photo

4.Paste it in a notepad and save the file.

view the deleted images of your crush

5.Now even if the person deleted that picture you will be able to see that image without his/her permission on Facebook,or even if she blocks you , you would still have access to that image.

6.Lets take an example ,i am going to delete the picture which is shown above.

7.Now to see the image after it is been deleted by the user , you just need to paste the copied url from the notepad in to your address bar,and you will be able to the image.

NOTE:A question may arise now in your mind now that 

How can someone see my images even if they are deleted?
Whenever we upload anything (for example images, videos , status etc) it is saved in a Facebook main server and remains there for  3 years even if that file is deleted by a user,that URL is a bypass to that saved location and it will grant you to see the pic.

view the deleted images of your crush

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