Hack Admin Password through Cain and Able Part 1

Hack Admin Password through Cain and Able Part 1

hack windows 7 password

                                                by:Navprabhat Singh

In my previous posts i taught you about how to hack windows  password through various software like ophcrack and many more.The disadvantage is that these softwares are of large size say 350mb to 3gb,so mostly people ignore it .Now i am going to show you How to Crack windows password through Cain and Able software which is of 7 to 8 MB of size and faster as compared to others.

Steps to crack a password

1.First you have to download Cain and able software,you can google it, easily available and install it in your victim's computer.

2.Now run the cain and able and a page will pop up as shown in figure.

crack windows 7 password

windows7 password

3.Go to the option Cracker and u can see a list of option there.

crack windows7 password

4.Now click on "LM & NTLM hashes" and then on + button,u will be greeted by a window as shown in pic.

5.Click on Next option.

6.Now you will see all account on computer.Choose any account u want to crack.

7.Right click on the account and choose option "Brute force attack"   and then "NTLM" option.For your convenience see the picture given below.

hack windows7 password

8.Now u will see a new window select the password strength (not necessary )and click on start option.

9.After that u have to only wait for few minutes,then u have your victim's password.

Click on image for larger view
10.It's easy and 100% working as compare to other software.

Enjoy Cracking....
                                        for u....

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