How To Customize the Blogger Templates

Customize the Template

To customize your template, open the options menu from Blogger's dashboard and choose the 'Layout' option.  From here, you'll be able to customize the layout of your page.  To move an element to a new location, simply drag and drop into the item into it's new home.  You can juggle your elements until you're happy with their placement.

Add Elements to Blogger

If you want to add more elements to your page, click the 'Add a Gadget' option.  Here you'll have a wealth of options that you can add to your blog.  Cycle through the whole list, or just select the ones you want and press the plus button to add them to your page.  Each gadget will have different settings, so be sure to check each one before you add it.  A +1 button, for example, has different size options in order to fit different blog types.  When you're ready, click Save and you'll find your new gadget waiting for you on your page.

You can edit any of your existing elements at any time by clicking the edit option.  Remember, each element will be different, so it's worth checking each one out to add that extra personal touch.

When you're happy, head to the top right of the screen and choose 'Save arrangement' to save your new layout.  You can also preview your layout before you save, just to make sure it's what you want.

Don't forget, all of these options will also be available in the Template designer, found by heading to the Template menu and choosing the 'Customize' option.  Just head to the Layout tab and you're good to go!