How to boot your windows 8 faster

windows 8 fast bootMany of you must be having windows 8 by now, although windows 8 is a very fast version of windows still sometimes it it takes a lot of time to boot up or to shut down.
This post will help you make your windows 8 boot faster in some easy steps which you all can follow 

Step 1

First of all, open your control panel and look for power option or press windows+w and then search for power option.

Step 2

Now once you are done with this hover your mouse on the left side and search for what the power option do
windows 8 power option

Step 3

After opening it click on the option Change settings that are currently unavailable

windows 8

Step 4

Now simply check on the option Turn on fast startup( Recommended ) to enable fast startup.

Step 5

Shut down your computer and start again and enjoy fast startup.

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