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 After IGI 1 and IGI 2 get ready for the most awaited game IGI 3 . I am going to provide you a link to download all the files of IGI 3 .The awkwardly named Project IGI: I'm Going In follows in the trend of the Rainbow Six series, the Delta Force series, and SWAT 3. It eschews the outlandish futuristic weapons and imaginary settings of many traditional shooters and focuses instead on contemporary realism. In the game, you play as David Llewelyn Jones, a former Special Air Service member who now works as a freelance operative for both the British and American governments. The game features a blend of stealth, covert surveillance, and high-powered firefights at secret military bases, and it has much of the thrill and daring of the James Bond films of the late Cold War era. But it also has several significant shortcomings.

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Overview of IGI 3
In Project IGI, your mission is to help retrieve a stolen nuclear warhead and prevent an act of nuclear terrorism. The action begins in the former Soviet Union, and your first goal is to rescue a contact who has vital information about the nuke and who is being held and tortured at a military airfield in Estonia. The narrative is primarily told through in-engine cutscenes at the beginning or end of each mission, and they're visually stylish - their dramatic camera angles and lighting effects approach film quality at times, though the flat dialogue can be a bit tedious and the cast of characters isn't very interesting. The tone of the missions tends to be realistic: While you're a skilled agent, you're just one man - not a one-man army. As such, you'll need to do a lot of creeping through the shadows, sneaking around security cameras, hacking computers to deactivate surveillance systems, and using binoculars to scout the area. When you run into the inevitable confrontation with guards, fast and furious firefights ensue. The game's general emphasis on realism means you'll need quick reflexes: Even if he's wearing body armor, a few shots can still put a painful end to the hero's career. You can restore health only by grabbing a medical kit from an infirmary - if there even is one in the area. 
Minimun Requirements:
Windows XP, windows 7 or Vista
Intel 1 GHz
256 MB
Hard disk
1.35 GB free space
32 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card
DirectX 8
Version 8.1        Navtechno.blogspot.com

Snapshorts of IGI 3:

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