See passwords behind the Asterisk

Today we are going to learn how to see the password behind the asterisk . The benefit of doing this is that you can see your friends facebook, gmail , twitter password and guess what this activity is not even illegal.The action that we are going to perform required a little bit knowledge of HTML5 . For that you can  visit Learn Html5 and css3.

Steps to do that
1.Open a facebook account or you can open any account which you want to hack , here we are going to see how to hack facebook.

2.Now when your friend typed his password and before clicking enter tell him to stop for a second so that you can see his password.

3.Press F12 and you will see a console window as given in the picture below.

4.Now you have to search for the code written below.

5.Press ctrl + f  a search window will open , now type "password" in that box without the quotes , the above search show you a result but the code you have to find is written two tree lines below the searching result.Open all the tags "<td>".

6.Double click on password that is in the code as shown in the picture above and it will open as a editor , Now type text instead of password and after that click on any blank space to exit and save the editor.

7.You can see in the picture that a password on the top is now no more behind the asterisk.

Enjoy hacking....
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